BENZAITEN MUSES (women in experimental music database)

Benzaiten Muses
(women in experimental music database)

This Blog is a database of underground experimental music.
we know that exist a lot of famous artists who made experimental music like Bjork, Nic Endo, Ikue Mori, Diamanda Galas, between others. But this site is mainly focused in occult and not massive female artists who makes weird sounds, instrumental, dark, electronic experiments and deep soundscapes.  

This page is curated by Sábila Orbe. founder of Cian Orbe Netlabel:
and creator of the experimental, dark electronic, noise projects:
Humanfobia (with Mist Spectra) // Filmy Ghost & Yaka-anima. 

For appear on this database send an email to
with this info: 1 photography medium resolution.
one link to a sample track (track representative of your music)
one link to your official website (optional)
one link to your main music website
one link to your social artist page (facebook, tumblr, google+)
 info: country, music genres.
if you use other monikers also can be mentioned
if you are in other projects send the names of these projects. 

transgender musicians also will be accepted.
who works in these genres: sound art, drone, dark ambient, ambient, noise, dark experimental electronic music, psychedelic rock, gothic darkwave music, witchwave, vaporwave and others not massive music genres. 

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